Patient Education

There are several opportunities for our patients to receive information on kidney disorders.  Through our partnership with WellBound of Austin, we offer Wellness Classes.  The classes are designed to improve your quality of life while living with kidney disorders.  These classes include topics on:

Hypertension Nutrition
Exercise Diabetes
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) CKD Options
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Stress

Free Option Classes will be held on the first, third and fourth Wednesday of every month at 1pm.  A Wellness class will be held on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of every month at 1pm.  The classes will be held at the WellBound of Austin Center located at 12176 N Mopac Expy, Suite A, Austin TX  78758. 

Please consult with your physician to see which class is right for you.  To register, please call WellBound at (512) 833-6695.  All classes are open to the public and free of charge.


Other helpful educational links related to kidney disorders:

The National Kidney Foundation The American Association of Kidney Patients
The Nephron Information Center Renal World Kidney Times
American Diabetic Association The Health Care Financing Administration
American Kidney Fund Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation
FSGS & Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation Vasculitis Foundation
TransWeb The United Network for Organ Sharing
Nephrology Analytical Services  Centerspan
Transplant Recipients International Org Satellite Healthcare
KidneysDoThat DaVita
Lupus Foundation  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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How does high blood pressure affect the kidneys?

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What happens if my kidneys completely fail?

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